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Vision comes from passion 2

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Meet Rahma

Rahma, is a kid entrepreneur from New Hampshire that is so passionate about what she does and has participated in the children's fairs for three years.

This year at the Waltham Children's Business Fair, Rahma won the Best Presentation Award, she was thrilled to have won since she has been working so hard.

On a serious note, everything Rahma bakes tastes devine, I just don't have the right word to describe the taste, all I can say is please watch the space for where Rahma is going with passions.

She said, "I like the challenge of creating innovative products and perfecting my recipes. I like meeting customers and earning real money to invest back into growing my business."

Rahma Ibrahim

Founder, Thyme after Thyme

Showcase your business at the Waltham Children's Business Fair in 2020

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