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Define me.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Being an artist

One of the best gifts the Lord has blessed me with is the ability to imagine and create amazing art pieces that put smiles on peoples faces. I hope to nature this blessing throughout my life time.

Sometimes our loved ones can't understand, or don't support our dreams. This has never been a problem for me. The support and encouragement of my loved ones has created in me the confidence to believe in my gifts and in the dreams I have for my life. This confidence has been a valuable contributor to the success, I have enjoyed nearly everything I have pursed passionately and give my heart to. Self esteem is an important trait for our success, and can be a result of compliments and appreciation for our efforts. I encourange patience to friends, saying, "Don't fret if it doesn't happen as soon as you expect it. Chase your dreams nomatter how big or unrealistic they may seem in the eyes of others. As long as you can envision your dream, you can achieve it.. Just do it!!"

I have been making art for a while now but trust me I have never been able to define myself. Sometimes I meet people and wonder what I should refer to myself as, I don't know whether to say crafter, jewelry artist, painter, graphic designer or photographer . Its very funny but my seven year old found a solution to my problem, she said when someone asks me what I do for work, I should tell them,"I am a maker of the best art pieces in America."


There will always be that one person that will believe in you and give you a reason to wake up and be your best. Be that person!!

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