How the winners of the Waltham Children's Business Fair 2022 will be selected.


All entries will be automatically entered in the business competition, and booths will be judged on the criteria below, most original business idea, highest business potential, and best presentation. 

  • Four (4) winners will be chosen and awarded cash prizes of $100 which is to be split among the business owners of the business has more than one owner.

  • One of the Four winners will be selected as the overall and will get an extra $100.

Overall winner=$200

Most original business idea=$100
Highest Business Potential =$100
Best Presentation=$100


  • Mentors will be a signed to any of the main top 4 winners that are interested in furthering their business idea/venture beyond the one-day open market.

  • All participants will get non cash recognition for the effort.

Below are winners from the previous Waltham Children's Business Fairs.