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Hello, my name is Heaven Rowell and I'm the owner of  Heavenly Boutique. I am a young 14 year old entrepreneur sharing my love for making vegan friendly and healthy products to the world.

My goal is to one day open my own product line called "Heavenly Boutique" that will provide generational wealth for my future family and kids.

Price Range: $2-$12


Heavenly Boutique

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Hello, my name is Shayndel Cenatus and I'm the entrepreneur of Gloss Boss! 


I am a 11 years old and passionate about beauty . My goals is to be a successful online business women and to see people happy and satisfied with my product.


I make my lip gloss at a affordable price so children can afford to buy it. 

 Price Range : $2.99 - $4.99


Gloss Boss

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Lisa's Lipgloss Company


My name is Lisa, I’m 13 years old. For my business I make lip balm ($3) , lip gloss($10) and bracelets ($5). I started bracelet making when I was 8 years old but recently decided to make profit out of it. On the other hand, the idea of making lip balm and lip gloss started out as an experiment. So far I have about 10 of each product, and I invested $30 into my business, which I borrowed from Africa Waltham. In the future I intend to make this business a success 

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A&M Beauty Cosmetics


Hello, our names are Mirembe and Andrea. We created beauty products and made peoples nails. We love to make people feel beautiful and know that they are too.  I Mirembe like to do people’s nails. I do nails using Acrylic powder and poley gel. For the little kids I do nail polish. What brought me to loving nails was that I loved getting my nails done. I then realised why don’t I just get better at doing my nails, and that’s what brought me to my success today. 
I Andrea loves to do make up. But mostly I love making it. I specialise in making lotions, lipsticks, and bath bombs. What brought me to loving this was my need to have made up. But one day I thought to myself why don’t I just make it. 
We hope you check us out and have an amazing day. 

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True Shine Logo


We, Batul K. Insiya B. and Batul R., are driven entrepreneurs of True Shine. We come from households that believe nature has the best solutions for a healthy lifestyle. 

From our early childhood, we remember our mom’s using natural skincare products on us to ensure we stay away from harsh chemicals that are used in popular mainstream products. This thought process became the cornerstone of our company. 


Our mission is to deliver natural, high quality, effective and time-tested products to our customers. Our vision is to own a store that not only sells natural, premium, quality products but also promotes the idea of healthy lifestyle.


Give us a try, and you’ll be our customer for Life.


True Shine

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Lady M Blinks

Lady M Blinks


My name is Moniicaaa, yes double I and triple aaa. I am 18 years old. I love makeup. I've been doing makeup since I was 10. I'm self taught. I started off pretty bad. I used eyeshadow for everything: foundation, highlighter, lipstick and more. My business is called LADY M BLINKS, in my business it's pretty much being an example or showing children/ young adults  how to do makeup with the little you have. Makeup isn’t to change who you are its to bring self confidence applied directly to the face.  

Light face $10
Full Glam Face &20

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HairHood Baby was created as a platform for me (Ivy Branscomb) To inspire, create, and express love for Natural Hair. Growing up, I never saw natural hair influencers to look up too, and being in a low-income household taking proper care of my hair wasn’t an option. I was made fun of constantly in school because 1. I wasn’t able to keep up my hair properly and 2. Going to hair stylists with natural hair it becomes way more expensive and thus I can’t care for it often. I learned how to natural hair as a means of empowering myself and so many boys and girls of color with kinky/coily hair who never grew up with the means to take care of their hair. 

Cornrows : $10
Each Braid: $1 
Natural Twists: $30
Braids Repair : $20


HairHood Baby

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Omega Teens' Project


Carol Ssekanjako 17yrs old, Trina Ssekanjako 15yrs Angela Ssekanjako 14,yrs and Jessie Ssekanjako 14yrs.


Our business name “Omega teens project”

We choose to do such a business, Answer, our interest and to inspire others discover and develop their skills that can make you earn despite not having a job, and we also have a passion for fashion and design.

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