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International Children's Art/Poetry Contest

Every year, Mamai Art Gallery, Inc. organizes an International Children's Art/Poetry Contest and children around the world between ages 5-15 years are welcome, no fees required to participate.

Participants make online submissions of their artwork through a provided link and there after, the public gets a chance to vote for their favorite artwork, artworks also get to be juried by a panel of artists and prizes are won.

For our 8th Annual International Children's Art/Poetry Contest , selected artworks and poems will get a chance to be exhibited at the International Children's Convention in June 2024

For Details about 2024 Art/Poetry Contest, click link below


2024 Open 

Theme: Reasons Why You Should Visit My Country

2023 Closed 

Theme: My Country's  Boundless Talent and Culture 

2022 Closed

Theme: What Kids In My Country Really Need Is...

2021 Closed

Theme: Things I'm Proud Of About my Ethnicity

2020  Closed

Theme: My dream school

2019 Closed

Theme: Blessed to be a blessing

2018 Closed

Theme: If I were my parents, I would...

2017 Closed

Theme: The world through my little eyes.

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