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SRK Ecostic Arts

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SRK Ecostic Arts' will sell handmade art products mostly using eco-friendly material.


Our natural elegant Diyas (Tea-light holder) can be used as a decorative oil lamp, or can be used as a candle holder. Our eco-friendly pebbles art is for all occasions and celebrations.

Our one-of-a-kind quilling pendants are made from environment-friendly paper taking the unique paper rolling technique to another level. 

Our hand-picked fused beads keychains can be used as keyholders, or an ornament while our fused beads coaster-sets are a perfect addition to your home.

Our target customers are people of all ages who are connoisseurs of art. SRK Ecostic Arts aims to create cool art products that will help save the enviroment.


Art From The Heart

Art From The Heart logo
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​My name is Leiya M. Silveira, I am 12 years old and I am in 6th grade at the Eliot Innovative School.   I love to dance, paint, play softball, drawing, singing, acting  and playing with my friends. 

I love arts, regardless of the process,  as part of my business, I create cool bookmarks to help others to read more and also help me support those in needs in some ways. 

One thing that I want people to know about me that I am Dyslexic and have ADHD, which I share with others in orders.  My mother advocates for me and also support me in my art to make sure I do not miss on anything.

Lately, I start working on stain glass paint and doing cartoon characters.  I can not wait to share them with you.

As my mom always tell me, "The sky is the limit" as long that I put my mind and heart to it and always do your best.


Seashells By The Cape Shore


Hi my name is Julia and I’m 12 years old. I’m very excited to share with you my art!  My passion of collecting sea shells started when I was two years old. Growing up we spent a lot of summers at the Cape. So I’ve created some beautiful sea shell art work for you! 


I love collecting sea shells, because I always know that whenever I pick one up, it brings my creativity to life. My business, Sea Shells By The Cape Shore, is created with simplicity. Sometimes art is that simple that it stands out by itself. Just like the beauty of the sea shells. I hope you take the time and view my work and bring home some sea shells to remind you of the beauty of the beach all year long!


Thank you for your support in my business!


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Pixie Parlour

Pixie Parlor logo


Hi, my name is Addison Lily Chiang. I love to sew! I started a company called Pixie Parlor. I sell things I make with my sewing machine. My most popular thing I sell the Pixie Pouch. I have also started making masks to help protect people.


These little Pixie pouches can hold so many things. Here are some examples: 

You can put a cards, bills and coins, earphones and many more things. I also added a ribbon and key change so that you can hold it and add your keys on it. I hope you like them because I love them.


Also this is the first thing I ever sewed when I started sewing.

I think they are very useful and I hope you think that too! 


Thank you for supporting my business! 

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Hands on Colors

Hands On Colors


Our names are Kanika, Kritika, and Sarika. We created Hands on Colors. The Waltham Children's Business Fair in 2018 was the first time we launched our products.


We enjoy playing basketball, painting, and going outside. This year we are selling decorative felt cacti, magnets, and paintings. Check-out our products on Facebook.


Our Facebook page is called Hands on Colors. To support us, share our page with family and friends and buy our products.


This is our 3rd year doing the Waltham Children’s Business Fair and we are super excited!


Thank you.

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Slime Girl

Slime Girl


Hi, my name is Rosemary R. and ny business is Slime Girl. I will be selling slime and each cost $3

I decided that I had to make slime because during this pandemic, its one way to relive stress. (Fun Fact) You can stretch slime,above your head and you can do exercise!

My goal is to make money for my 15th birthday and to help St. Jude Hospital.

My target costumers are my mom's friends.

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