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2021 Participant's Profiles



Connecting Dots

Hi I am Alex and I am 9 years old. My favorite animal is the panda. I have A different culture from America, which I want to bring my culture here, like the game Luban lock, Luban was a famous architect in China, he designed furniture and buildings without nails. He put Luban locks in his buildings and furniture to connect piece to piece. That is how he invented the Luban lock.  I will have a trial for 50 cents for five minutes for you to take it apart and put it back on, if you are interested you can buy the Luban lock, it is the same thing for Rubik’s cube. I will be putting videos on youtube and at the fair of how to solve the Rubik’s cube and the Luban locks.

Email Address:

Youtube Channel: Alex's Culture Station



Connecting Dots



TreeHouse Kids Goods logo

Hello my name is Ryan, in this biography I will be talking about me,and my business (TreeHouse Kids Prints) including my intentions to push my business father into the future. I hope you enjoy and consider buying some of my products. 

About Me 

My Full Name is Ryan Millett pronounced (Mill-it). I am 12 years old and I own a 3D printer business and sell my products on etsy. I hope to sell on ebay relatively soon. I enjoy ice skating and rollerblading and running cross country and track and field. (Cross country is mostly running) (Track includes sports like javelin and shot putt). I have 4 pets (Two cats and Two dogs). I live with my two brothers Aged 10 and 6. And would like to push my business as far as it can go for maximum profits ( Almost 800$ in Profit to date) 

About My Business 

I started my business in January 2020. Overall, on just my etsy shop I have received 2,350 visits to my shop page, 4,250 views (people searching up related things) and just over 100 official sales to date on just my etsy store. I hope to do at least 300 visits per month (average 140) . My best selling product is a nerf grappling hook which I have had more than half my sales from. I also sell other products such as a harry potter earbud holder and a nerf tactical rail scope. My Etsy site is:

Closing Paragraph 

I Hope You have enjoyed my Biography on me, my business and my plans for my business for the future. I hope you will buy something from my shop. And I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you and goodbye.



Connecting Dots

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Heavenly Boutique Logo

“Hello, my name is Heaven Rowell and I’m a fifteen year old entrepreneur and CEO of Heavenly Boutique. I established Heavenly Boutique three years ago. I first only sold a small amount of items at first, such as bath bombs, and candles. But in the last three years I have been fortunate to expand beyond skin care to phone cases and accessories! I have also been blessed with a great platform to help spread my knowledge that I learnt about entrepreneurship to other young kids and teens like myself! Since then I have continued to grow and expand Heavenly Boutique with the support and help from my family and friends.”



Caitie's Cosmetics logo

Hi, welcome to Caitie's Cosmetics. Here, we sell homemade body care products such as lip scrubs, body scrubs, lotions and bath bombs with locally sourced organic ingredients when possible. We ask you to try our products and see the luxury in its simplicity.



Pure logo

Milani Depina
Business: Pure
“In efforts to create natural and efficient beauty products”
I began my business a few years ago in order to provide products with clean ingredients. My goal is to keep my products simple, but effective so it can work for all skin types.



Connecting Dots

Hi! We are Leah and Ava.  We have been friends since we were born and we love slime.  For the last year, we have been making slime for ourselves. Now we want to share it with you.  

Our slime business is called Soothing Slimes.  We offer butter slime, foam bead slime, and basic slime.  We wanted to make a slime business because we thought that slime can be helpful for some people, like us! It’s not just a toy, it….

  • Takes away stress

  • Is calming

  • Is relaxing

  • Is satisfying

  • Strengthens muscles

  • Helps people focus more and concentrate

  • Is for anyone

We hope you will come by our booth!! See you there!




S&O Studio

Hi, our names are Sienna and Olivia. We have been thinking about starting our own business for a while. We had many ideas! But, we ended up making candles because they have a good use. For example, candles help with anxiety during the covid pandemic. Candles are also appealing to all ages and bring familiar smells into these unusual times. We were searching online to gain knowledge about successful candle businesses. During our research, we found cliche candles with no creativity in them. We knew we had a lot to offer in creativity, and we wanted people to have fun with our candles. We added stories and poems behind each scent and creative designs on the caps. But, we also created basic candles for the people who want simple designs. For the people who yearn for a unique candle, we got your back. We are very excited to hear we have been accepted to the Waltham small business fair and are thrilled to attend and sell our products to you guys soon.


Links to our business and social media will be updated soon.



Gloss Boss logo

Gloss Boss is a Black owned lipgloss online shop! Gloss Boss was founded by Shayndel Cenatus in 2020. Gloss Boss is known for their amazing soft and lip caring products! We provide affordable and beautiful Lipgloss and Lipgloss Bundles. Our lipgloss will make your lips feel soft and look glossy. They also have nice scents to them.

Gloss Boss will provide you great customer service.



Connecting Dots

We are Allison and George, we make handmade soaps which we will be selling at the Waltham Children's Business Fair.

Most of the soap we make is cold processed and some steps are not safe for us to do so we delegate those steps to Allison's mom.

Incase you are interested in knowing how we make our soap, please watch our YouTube video on how to



Neel's Honey logo

My name is Neel, I'm 10 years old and the owner of Neel’s Honey. I started my  business four years ago for the Waltham Children’s Business Fair. I sell bottled raw local honey from his backyard bee hives. 

I started with one hive in the backyard 4 years ago to now having four hives. Last year he has opened up an online store name Neel’s Honey on Etsy. I takes care of my back-yard hives, extracts my own honey and bottles them, of course with some help from my parents. I'm very passionate about bees and beekeeping, and equally motivated on the business side. I'm learning about production, marketing and now even sales.

Neel’s honey is never heated, only lightly sieved to remove large pieces of wax. Neel’s honey comes in different sizes, 8oz to 32oz bottles. If you would like to try light, fresh and local honey, visit his store Neel’s Honey on Etsy or for the latest updates follow Neels Honey on Facebook.



Connecting Dots

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F&D Farm Logo

My name is Finn and I am 9 almost 10. My brother is Dean and he is 5. Together we are F&D Farm.
We have both been gardening with our dad since before we can remember. I’d have to say my favorite plant is a tomato plant because they are easy to grow and I love using the tomatoes to cook all sorts of recipes with my dad. Dean’s favorite plant is the string of hearts, it’s much more delicate.
We love to grow plants and vegetables because we get to go out into our garden and pick fresh vegetables anytime we want and we can, can them and jar them to enjoy all year long. And who doesn’t like beautiful flowers, plants and succulents!
Dean and I were thinking about having a plant,flower and produce stand in front of our house this summer, kind of like a lemonade stand and then my mom told us about the Waltham Childrens  Business Fair and we thought we would create a real business and give it a shot
We are so excited to have the chance to sell our plants, flowers, produce succulents and jarred items at the fair.

Thank you
Finn and Dean Sibelle
F&D Farm.



Connecting Dots

Edmond and Charles are brothers attending Lexington Montessori School. Edmond enjoys drawing, reading, speaking and adventures. Charles enjoys reading, maths, chess, karate, board games and soccer. They both share the interests on Lego and business, and would love to explore (and learn) ways of making money and more importantly, friends!



Connecting Dots

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Fresh Cut Flowers

I'm Tyson and I'm 5years old. My business name is Fresh Cut Flowers and I will be selling fresh flowers from my garden at the Waltham Children's Business Fair.

I look forward to seeing you all.



Matthew's Plants and Snacks

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Brainfreeze & S'more

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Mushi Mushi Creations logo

HI ,My name is Mishka Sathe and I am the owner of Mushi Mushi creations. I started this business last year and I sell beautiful handmade kids aprons. I got inspired for sewing by going to a sewing camp in Newton and learning how to use a sewing machine. I enjoy sewing and creating my products.

There are 3 different sizes of aprons to chose from, 2 - 4 years ,  5 - 7 years and 8 - 10 years. There are lots of different fabrics prints and patterns to chose from  and each apron comes with a maching reusable bag. 


I am so excited to have the chance to sell aprons at the fair.


Etsy Site -


Thank you,

Mishka Sathe

Mushi Mushi Creations



Hands on Colors Logo

Hands on Colors started out in 2018 with three friends hoping to sell arts and crafts. Our business was first launched at the Waltham’s Children Business fair. We enjoined it and decided to continue our business. We make artwork and crafts to sell, and we also create art kits so you can make the art. To learn more about us and our products, find us on our Facebook page at Hands On Colors. 

We hope you can join us at this year’s Waltham Children’s Business Fair. 




Connecting Dots

Hi my name is Keylin and I’m here to talk to you about my business “Keylin’s Creations “ . My motivation is to prove that kids can do anything they put their minds to , and to show one of my biggest hobbies is to make crafts! Even if people don’t like what I have to offer I think it’s still going to be a great learning experience. So now let’s talk about my products and how much they’re worth . The first item is a paper flower, these colorful masterpieces cost $4.99 . The next item is a bracelet that you can adjust to your size yourself  and they cost $1.99. The last but definitely not least item is ( drumroll please) a beaded gecko keychain, these little gecko friends cost $2.99.  And that’s the gist of “ Keylin’s Creations “. Have fun ! Hopefully you’ll stop by my booth . 



The Craft Box Logo

We made this business because we both love making crafts.


I am Arya likes soccer, art, and making crafts in general. I wanted to start this business because I needed to make cash, and I also love spending time with my friend Sarah. Making bracelets and crafts is also a hobby of mine and that is why I helped start The Craft Box! 


I am Sarah and I love playing ice hockey, the color blue, and also making crafts! I wanted to start this business because I love making crafts, so why not sell them! I also like spending time with my friend Arya so this is a great way to spend time with her!


The craft box is not just for making money, it’s for spending time with friends too.



Artistic Soul Logo

My name is Gabriella Falchek and I am 11 years old. I have loved art for as long as I can remember and have always wanted to be an artist. I have set my heart on abstract, my favorite kind of art. Abstract has its way of speaking to me, and taking my mind off of anything around me; the canvas is all that matters. My art has been featured at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in St. Croix, USVI, and the Salem Arts Association in Salem, MA.



Fuzzy Figets

Morgan and Olivia are 5th graders at Douglas Macarthur Elementary School. We started Fuzzy Fidgets because we both love animals (especially dogs) and fidget toys. We both enjoy playing outside, doing sports and playing with friends. This is their second year doing the business fair together, in 2019, we did glitter tattoos and face painting. 



Connecting Dots

This is my first business fair. I am ten years old and I like to make slime.  My business is called Slime Island. I want to start a business because I want to give children a fun item to play with.



Two Kids Crafts Logo

Hi. Our names are Eric and Emily. We are a 10- and 7-year-old brother and sister team. Our company name is Two Kids Crafts. We sell handmade formal and casual earrings for the young at heart at an affordable price.

We hope you enjoy wearing our earrings as much as we enjoy making them for you! 

Price range: $5 - $10



Hailey's Wonder's Logo

Hi! I'm Hailey and I am 15 years old. I sell the best-handcrafted jewelry made from real stones such as rose quartz, tigers eye, amethyst, etc. And they typically sell for around 15 dollars. I also sell bracelets with just gem beads and or charms such as angels, turtles, and many more; and these sell around 12-15 dollars as well. My friendship anklets and bracelets sell for around 3-5 dollars and my wish bracelets sell for 7 dollars. I sell earrings made with materials such as clay, string, clips, yarn, beads, etc. The earrings all sell for 10 dollars each and depending on the design can come in packs of 1-3 sets. I will be selling some new things at farmer's markets this year: therapy dough and playdough kits for kids. The therapy dough cost 5 dollars and can be used to calm down nerves and stresses that may arise in everyday life. They also come in glass jars which keeps the dough from drying out quickly. And finally the playdough kits sell for anywhere from 12-15 dollars and are sure to keep kids entertained for hours of countless fun on end.



Connecting Dots

Miles and Oliver, we are selling button pins. Each button pin is unique in a way. 

We make button pins that would be interesting, cool and fun.



Aarts logo

My name is Avia Liao, I’m 12 years old and have always had a passion for art, especially crafting. Recently, I’d gotten into bullet journaling and keeping a visual diary, which is exactly what it sounds like, a diary that’s visually pleasing. My products are made of quality paper with designs that I came up with and drew myself. I hope my products can steer away from the classic bold and bright birthday cards with a pug on the cover. Instead, delivering something modern, clean, and attractive. My favorite aesthetics in my works would be vintage and nature, including a combination of the two. I believe a lot of my products will include these three themes.



Connecting Dots

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The Crafted Daisy Co.

Hello our names are Tali and Polina and we are upcoming freshman at Newton South High School. We started our Etsy shop, TheCraftedDaisyCo, in January of 2021. Since then, we’ve made nearly 600 sales, and shipped to 44 states and the UK! A long term goal of ours is to get 1,000 sales. At this fair, we will be selling a variety of necklaces, wire wrapped crystal rings, and positive message mirror decals. All of our products are handmade with so much love and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Social media + etsy links

Instagram -

Etsy -



Rishu's Art Corner logo

My name is Rishitha Ravi. I am 13 years old and will be going to 9th grade at Burlington High School. Some of my biggest hobbies are drawing and crafting, and so I was inspired to make a business. This year will be the first year I launch my products!

I make mandala rocks, which are a big part of Hindu culture, representing the spiritual journey from the outside to the inner core, and making these rocks is important to me, since I am Hindu. I also make quilling jewelry, a type of art that was introduced to me by my grandmother, and is something I have been familiar with since I was little. 

I put passion and time into my work, and I hope you will enjoy my products this year!



Malaika-Blessing logo

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